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View Carbon Credit Aggregation Pool (CCAP)WASHINGTON STATE TRANSIT ASSOC3/31/20233/31/2025Two (2) Years 2023-025IL
View Flooring and Installation Services GREAT FLOORS, LLC10/1/20219/30/2024One (1) Year 2023-024PB
View Porta Potty Rental United Site Services5/25/20225/25/2023Month-to-Month1,224.392022-050 MP
View Vehicle Detailing ServicesKULSHAN VOCATIONAL SERVICES4/1/20234/1/2026Six (6) Years671,289.722023 - 002 ITB
View Transit Access Fund GrantCITY OF NOOKSACK3/10/20233/31/2024 210,000.002022-051IL
View Online Social Engagement PlatformSOCIAL PINPOINT, INC.3/6/20233/6/2024Three (3) Years 2023-023SP
View 2023 Yearly Identifix SubscriptionIdentifix3/7/20233/7/2024One (1) Year1,553.762023-020 MP
View Storage Unit Rental Bellingar Storage Inc.1/1/202312/31/2023One (1) Year5,508.002023-019 MP
View Toolbox Plus One-Year SubscriptionWabco2/2/20232/2/2024One (1) Year300.002023-017 MP
View Landscape Maintenance ServicesWINDWOOD ENTERPRISES INC5/1/20234/30/2026Six (6) Years85,164.002023 - 001 ITB
View Porta Potty Rental United Site Services5/25/20225/25/2023Month-to-Month1,224.392022-050 MP
View Employee Vending MachinesHEALTHIER VENDING NW4/1/20234/1/2025Five (5) Years 2023-016
View Portable Electrical InstallationJOHN HUNTLEY, INC. dba MILLS2/24/20232/24/2024One (1) Year28,480.582023-013SP
View Adobe Acrobat LicensesCDW GOVERNMENT2/7/20232/6/2024One (1) Year 2023-015PB
View Copier Lease & MaintenanceCOPIERS NORTHWEST, INC.3/1/20233/28/2028Five (5) Years28,417.202023-011PB
View Data LoggingMezmo, Inc.2/28/20232/27/2024One (1) Year2,520.002023-012MP
View MItel Telephone Software SupportFIRSTLINE COMMUNICATIONS INC2/6/20232/5/2024Five (5) Years17,278.862023-009PB
View CTS Amag Emergency RepairGATEWAY CONTROLS INC1/20/20231/20/2024One (1) Year 2023-008EMER
View Aftermarket Auto PartsBRIDGEVIEW AUTO PARTS10/1/202210/19/2024Four (4) Years 2023-005PB
View Aftermarket Auto PartsBELLINGHAM AUTO PARTS10/1/202210/19/2024Four (4) Years 2023-004PB
View Hosted Email, Text, Social Media ArchivingINTRADYN1/22/2020 One (1) Year 2023-003SP
View HR Staff Augmentation & ConsultingKARA TURNER1/1/202312/31/2023One (1) Year20,000.002022-049SP
View Telephone ServiceCENTURYLINK1/16/20231/15/2026Three (3) Years 2022-045
View Online MarketplaceAMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES, INC.1/19/20171/18/2028Ten (10) Years 2022-045PB
View Interlocal - HF Transit Corridor Grant City of Bellingham   75,000.002022-046IL
View Interlocal - ADA Bus Stop Grant FundingCity of Bellingham   375,000.002022-045IL
View Fleet Management SoftwareRON TURLEY ASSOCIATES INC12/31/202212/30/2027Five (5) Years118,393.702022-044
View HR Trailer RentalPACIFIC MOBILE, INC.1/2/20231/1/2025Two (2) Years102,921.302022-043PB
View IT Colocation and ISPLUNAVI, INC.11/1/202210/31/2025Three (3) Years98,537.282022-042SP
View Fire Sprinkler and Alarm System InspectionCOMMERCIAL FIRE PROTECTION, LLC2/15/20167/30/2023Ten (10) Years 2022-041PB
View Transit Operator CDL Skill ExaminationsGray's Harbor Transit10/24/2020   2022-038MOU
View Paratransit CoachesNORTHWEST BUS SALES, INC4/15/20214/14/2023Five (5) Years 2022-037PB
View Youth Ride Free Video CampaignFLANNEL MEDIA, LLC9/28/20229/28/2023One (1) Year12,000.002022-036SP
View Employee Maintenance CenterATLAS ERGONOMICS, LLC11/1/20221/1/2024Two (2) Years485,280.002022-008PB
View Interlocal - Fiber Optic UseCity of Bellingham6/27/20226/1/2032 25,000.002022-035IL
View ORCA Student Bus PassWHATCOM COMMUNITY COLLEGE9/1/20228/31/2023  2022-034IL
View DES/NASPO Cradlepoint Data CommunicationsCDW GOVERNMENT10/1/20199/30/2024Seven (7) Years 2022-033PB
View Avtec Console License & MaintenanceSAR ENTERPRISES, INC.7/1/202112/31/2026One (1) Year 2022-031PB
View Security Awareness Training and Phishing ProgramKnowBe 410/16/202210/15/2023One (1) Year2,479.122022-030MP
View Technology Catalog - KCDACDW GOVERNMENT9/13/20212/28/2023One (1) Year 2022-027PB
View Linkedin LearningLinkedIn for Lynda.com9/1/20228/31/2023One (1) Year5,712.002022-026MP
View Fixed Route Air Conditioning RetrofitCOMPLETE COACH WORKS7/1/20226/30/2023One (1) Year474,000.002022-003 RFP
View Student & Faculty Bus Pass ProgramWestern Washington University7/1/20226/30/2023  2022-024IL
View Mission, Vision, Values ReviewKELLY S. SMITH JOHNSTON7/1/20227/1/2023Three (3) Years 2022-023SP
View CDL Skills ExaminerCLALLAM TRANSIT6/7/2022   2022-022MOU
View Pictometry Imagery and SoftwareWhatcom County5/25/20226/1/2025 2,223.002022-021IL
View Job Order Contracting (JOC) Consulting THE GORDIAN GROUP, INC.6/1/20225/31/2024Three (3) Years 2022-020SS
View Skagit-Whatcom County ConnectorSkagit Transit9/17/20209/1/2025  2022-019IL
View A&E Services - MOAB Fleet & Facilities RemodelZERVAS GROUP ARCHITECTS INC5/9/20225/9/2023One (1) Year61,900.002022-006RFQ
View IT Equipment, Software - KCDA PIGGYBACKCDW GOVERNMENT3/1/20222/28/2024One (1) Year 2022-018PB
View IT Equipment, Software - GSA Schedule TD SynnexCDW GOVERNMENT2/16/20229/26/2024One (1) Year 2022-017
View Legislative ConsultantVAN NESS FELDMAN, LLP5/1/20224/30/2025Three (3) Years300,000.002022 - 001RFP
View BTS Restroom Decontamination & AbatementCASH CORPORATION4/22/202212/31/2022One (1) Year12,219.332022-011LPW
View AMAG SupportGATEWAY CONTROLS INC5/1/20224/30/2023One (1) Year657.002022-015
View Public PayphonesEMPIRE TELEPHONE, LLC4/1/20223/31/2028Auto-Renew14,760.002022-015
View On-Prem Software MonitoringPaessler 4/30/2023One (1) Year1,359.582022-014PB
View On-Hold MusicEasy on Hold5/22/20235/21/2024One (1) Year385.002022-013 MP
View On-Call Transportation PlanningTRANSPO GROUP USA, INC.4/1/20223/31/2024Five (5) Years554,700.322021-260 RFP
View Elevator maintenance, inspection & repairELTEC SYSTEMS1/1/20201/1/2025Five (5) Years 2022-010PB
View Data LoggingMezmo, Inc.2/28/20222/27/2023One (1) Year2,520.002022-009MP
View SSL LLC1/27/20221/1/2024Two (2) Years379.962022-007MP
View Ocularis LicenseKINTRONICS INC1/19/20223/9/2024One (1) Year3,910.362022-004MP
View Job Order Contracting BURTON CONSTRUCTION, INC.12/1/202112/1/2024Three (3) Years500,000.002021-265PB
View Shelters for Bus Stops, replacementsDUO-GARD INDUSTRIES, INC.1/6/202212/31/2025Seven (7) Years 2021-256 RFP
View Vulnerability Assessment ScanningQUALYS1/28/20221/27/2023One (1) Year3,531.16 
View North Lot Tenant LeaseSPLIT STONE CONTRACTING7/26/20216/30/2023Month-to-Month550.002021-264REV
View North Lot Tenant LeaseTRISTAR ENTERPRISE6/24/20216/30/2023Month-to-Month2,100.002021-263REV
View North Lot Tenant LeaseJOHN LOBACH CUSTOM PAINTIN4/12/20214/12/2023Month-to-Month600.002021-262REV
View North Lot Tenant LeaseBYRON WOOD3/23/202112/31/2021Month-to-Month855.002021-261REV
View HR Consulting ServicesKARA TURNER11/3/202112/31/2022Month-to-Month6,000.002021-259MP
View Security Services - UnarmedKAEKA GROUP, INC.11/1/202110/31/2022One (1) Year80,000.002021-258PB
View MOAB Remodel Phase 2REGENCY NW CONSTRUCTION, INC.11/1/202112/31/2022One (1) Year405,570.00ITB 2021-231
View Job Order Contracting Port of Everett11/1/20214/16/2024 500,000.002021-257IL
View Repair Mitsubishi Electric City Multi HVAC system at Bellingham StationHARRIS PACIFIC NORTHWEST LLC2/5/202112/31/2021One (1) Year4,220.002021-221SP
View Security Camera Cabling NW TEL, LLC8/31/202112/31/2022One (1) Year12,593.602021-228SWR
View Cellular Monopole Land & Air LeasePARALLEL TOWERS III LLC12/17/202112/1/2026Five (5) Years800,367.002021-236SS
View Lookout Mountain Microwave LicenseFederal Communications Commission10/4/202110/4/2031Ten (10) Years 2021-258SS
View Squalicum Mountain Microwave LicenseFederal Communications Commission10/4/202110/4/2031Ten (10) Years 2021-257SS
View Wiztronics Radio FrequencyFederal Communications Commission3/7/20223/5/2032Ten (10) Years 2021-256SS
View Toad Mt. & Sumas Mt. Radio FrequencyFederal Communications Commission10/7/20199/8/2029Ten (10) Years 2021-253SS
View Mt. Constitution, Lookout Mt. & Devils Mt. Radio FrequenciesFederal Communications Commission10/20/202010/31/2030Ten (10) Years 2021-254SS
View Baldi Mountain Radio Frequency Federal Communications Commission9/11/20139/23/2023Ten (10) Years 2021-253SS
View Cordata Station Gate Use AgreementGREYHOUND LINES, INC. 11/17/2022Five (5) Years19,112.892021-251SS
View ArcGIS LicenseE S R I, INC.7/1/20179/15/2026Nine (9) Years 2021-252PB
View Ruckus 3 Year License/MaintenanceCDW GOVERNMENT8/31/20218/31/2024Three (3) Years 2021-251CP
View Baldi Mountain Radio TowerBALDI MT HOLDINGS LLC9/17/20219/1/2031Ten (10) Years90,560.882021-250SS
View Squalicum Mountain Radio TowerSQUALICUM MT HOLDINGS LLC9/17/20219/1/2031Ten (10) Years248,249.522021-249SS
View Lookout Mountain Radio TowerLOOKOUT MT HOLDINGS LLC9/17/20219/1/2031Ten (10) Years241,495.442021-248SS
View Mt. Constitution SitesMT CONSTITUTION SITES, INC.9/17/20219/17/2026Five (5) Years517,413.002021-247SS
View Devil's Mountain Radio Tower LeaseCONTACT WIRELESS, LLC9/17/202110/31/2024Three (3) Years29,532.482021-246SS
View Sumas Mountain Radio Tower DAY MANAGEMENT CORPORATION9/17/20219/1/2023Five (5) Years59,258.762021-245SS
View Candidate Testing SoftwareERGOMETRICS7/1/20217/1/2023Three (3) Years1,045.002021-244PB
View Cummins Parts & Fleetguard FiltersCUMMINS INC.5/18/20215/17/2023Five (5) Years  
View Radio ConsolesSAR ENTERPRISES, INC.9/1/20156/30/2023Eight (8) Years 2017-198PB
View Armored Car and Cash Counting ServicesSECURETRANS, INC.8/1/20217/31/2024Five (5) Years47,800.002021-229 RFP
View CDL Skills ExaminerIsland Transit6/7/2021   2021-242IL
View Learning Management SoftwareTRACKIT LLC6/1/20225/31/2023One (1) Year15,000.002021-241SP
View Fleet Uniform Rental and LaundryCINTAS CORPORATION6/1/20215/30/2024Three (3) Years94,408.202021-240PB
View Federal Legislative ConsultantTIMOTHY LOVAIN4/30/202112/1/2021One (1) Year25,000.002021-232SP
View Interlocal - Telegraph Multimodal Safety ImprovementsCity of Bellingham7/20/202112/31/2023 87,500.002021-240IL
View On Hold MusicEasy on Hold5/13/20215/1/2022One (1) Year340.002021-237LIC
View Fleet Routers & MaintenanceCRADLEPOINT6/1/20209/30/2026Six (6) Years  
View Property ManagementSARATOGA COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE, INC.3/11/20213/31/2029Eight (8) Years 2021-217SP
View Heavy Duty BusesGILLIG LLC4/1/20213/31/2026Five (5) Years  
View Student Pass AgreementWestern Washington University9/1/20176/30/2022  2017-301REV
View 800 MHz Radio SystemWIZTRONICS INC.10/31/201611/1/2026Five (5) Years430,000.002016-212RFP
View Orca Express Bus PassWhatcom Community College-do not use10/27/20168/31/2022  20106-283IL
View Heavy Equipment RentalUNITED RENTALS NORTHWEST INC1/1/201712/31/2024Seven (7) Years  
View Fleet & Facilities UniformsUNIFIRST CORPORATION5/30/20196/30/2025Five (5) Years  
View Dispatch SoftwareTRAPEZE SOFTWARE GROUP INC10/31/20066/1/2023One (1) Year 2006-001RFP
View Reflective SheetingTRAFFIC SAFETY SUPPLY CO., INC12/14/201512/14/2023Eight (8) Years  
View Labor AttorneySUMMIT LAW GROUP PLLC9/23/20199/1/2025Six (6) Years 2019-203RFP
View Transit Route Planning SoftwareREMIX TECHNOLOGIES LLC12/20/201712/1/2025Five (5) Years137,000.002017-280RFP
View Lubricants and Diesel Exhaust FluidREISNER DISTRIBUTOR, INC.8/1/20187/31/2026Eight (8) Years  
View HVAC PartsREFRIGERATION SUPPLIES DISTR6/16/20166/30/2024Eight (8) Years  
View Asset Management SoftwareREAL ASSET MANAGEMENT INC.7/1/20206/30/2025Five (5) Years31,059.002020-318SP
View Vulnerability Assessment ScanningQUALYS12/18/202012/17/2021One (1) Year4,129.92 
View Large Volume Green EnergyPUGET SOUND ENERGY4/1/2007 Auto-Renew 2008-003
View Easement - Midway PUGET SOUND ENERGY7/2/2019 Auto-Renew 2019-323
View Executive Staffing ServicesTHE GREG PROTHMAN COMPANY9/1/20188/31/2023Five (5) Years 2018-235SP
View Employee Background CheckPINNACLE INVESTIGATIONS CORP6/3/20111/30/2023Three (3) Years 2023-010MP
View Lynden Station Space LeaseGrants Burgers, LLC5/1/20204/30/2025Ten (10) Years49,451.402019-279RFP
View Payroll & HRIS SoftwarePERSONNEL DATA SYSTEMS, INC.5/14/20185/1/2028Auto-Renew238,005.372017-283RFP
View Heavy Equipment RentalPAPE' MATERIAL HANDLING, INC.1/1/201712/31/2024Seven (7) Years  
View Spare Portable Building-COVIDPACIFIC MOBILE, INC.6/1/20195/31/2023Month-to-Month5,100.00 
View Wellness Trailer RentalPACIFIC MOBILE, INC.6/1/20195/31/2023Month-to-Month53,904.00 
View Fuel Station InspectionNORTHWEST TANK5/5/20175/14/2025Eight (8) Years  
View Flex Benefit PlanNAVIA BENEFIT SOLUTIONS8/30/2013 Auto-Renew 2017-217
View Fleet CamerasLUMINATOR TECHNOLOGY GROUP GLOBAL, LLC9/29/20209/29/2031Ten (10) Years  
View Armored Car & Cash CountingSECURETRANS, INC.8/18/20167/31/2021Five (5) Years51,300.002016-259RFP
View SAGE100 Consulting & SupportLUCID CONSULTING, LLC5/30/20175/30/2027Auto-Renew 2017-184SP
View Lot Sweeping & Vactor ServiceWESTERN REFINERY SERVICES INC3/1/20192/28/2025Seven (7) Years186,000.002019-194ITB
View Landscape MaintenancePROSCAPES, INC.4/20/20184/30/2023Five (5) Years180,000.002017-164ITB
View Vehicle Detail CleaningKULSHAN VOCATIONAL SERVICES4/10/20174/10/2023Five (5) Years697,616.002017-163 RFP
View Budgeting SoftwareJONAS SOFTWARE USA LLC4/2/20194/1/2025Three (3) Years57,500.002019-211SP
View Fire Detection & SuppressionJOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION2/15/20192/14/2026Seven (7) Years  
View Auction ServicesJames G. Murphy CO11/26/201812/31/2021  2020-209PB
View Employee Wellness CenterINJURYFREE, INC.5/17/20185/1/2023Five (5) Years750,000.002018-177RFP
View Retirement Health Savings PlanVANTAGEPOINT TRANSFER AGENTS12/21/2009 Auto-Renew 2016-244
View ITS ConsultingIBI GROUP, US6/23/20166/30/2021Five (5) Years600,000.002016-224RFP
View Health Savings AccountHSA BANK1/22/2019 Auto-Renew 2019-197
View Bulk Fuel and CardlockASSOCIATED PETROLEUM PRODUCTS4/1/20213/31/2027Six (6) Years8,400,000.002021-002ITB
View Heavy Equipment RentalHERC RENTALS, INC.1/1/201712/31/2024   
View Vending MachinesHEALTHIER VENDING NW4/20/20173/31/2023Five (5) Years 2017-216
View EAP ProgramHEALTH PROMOTION NETWORK12/28/1998 Auto-Renew 1998-002
View Job Order Contracting (JOC) ConsultingTHE GORDIAN GROUP, INC.6/5/20195/1/2021Two (2) Years 2019-232PB
View Tires, Tubes & ServicesPOMP'S TIRE SERVICE, INC.4/1/20193/31/2024Five (5) Years  
View Operator UniformsGALLS, LLC1/15/20201/15/2025Five (5) Years 2019-228RFP
View Drug & Alcohol Testing/Occupational HealthVAULT HEALTH7/31/20187/30/2023Five (5) Years175,000.002018-217RFP
View Rolling Stock Inspection & Buy America AuditsFIRST TRANSIT INC7/1/20187/15/2023Five (5) Years 2018-254PB
View Propane Fuel & Equipment RentalFERRELLGAS, LP2/1/20194/30/2027Eight (8) Years650,000.00 
View Ferndale Station Pad LeaseFERNDALE FOOD BANK7/1/20166/30/2026Ten (10) Years2,189.952016-286REV
View ArcGIS SoftwareE S R I, INC.10/1/20159/30/2021Six (6) Years  
View Long Range Plan ConsultingFEHR & PEERS3/5/20202/28/2022Five (5) Years276,330.002019-217RFP
View Temporary Staffing ServicesEXPRESS EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONL10/20/20209/30/2023Six (6) Years420,000.002020-254RFP
View Applicant Tracking SoftwareEXACTHIRE10/1/201510/1/2024Auto-Renew 2015-021SP
View Public PayphonesEMPIRE TELEPHONE, LLC6/28/20176/1/2022Auto-Renew6,848.102017-246
View A & E Consultant ServicesKPFF, INC.3/1/20212/28/2025Six (6) Years500,000.002020-306 RFQ
View Marketing ServicesDESAUTEL HEGE8/20/20188/31/2023Five (5) Years400,000.002018-212RFP
View Fare Collection - Account BasedDELERROK, INC.12/21/201812/20/2024Five (5) Years1,150,000.002018-236RFP
View Fleet Router LicensesCRADLEPOINT3/1/202010/5/2022One (1) Year5,000.00 
View ADA Vans, Mini vans and Specialty VehiclesCREATIVE BUS SALES, INC.6/30/20174/13/2023Five (5) Years  
View SignageCORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES SIGN11/1/201810/31/2024Six (6) Years  
View Office FurnitureWA DEPT OF CORRECTIONS1/1/201712/31/2023Six (6) Years  
View Copier Lease and MaintenanceCOPIERS NORTHWEST, INC.3/2/20207/31/2024Four (4) Years140,000.002019-300PB
View Policy & Procedure SoftwareCOMPROSE, INC.3/5/20183/5/2024Auto-Renew20,040.002018-209SP
View LNI Claims ManagementCOMPREHENSIVE RISK MGT, INC.4/12/20184/1/2023Five (5) Years36,250.002018-182SP
View Fleet VehiclesCLARY LONGVIEW, LLC1/5/20171/5/2025Eight (8) Years  
View IT Equipment & Licensing - GSA ScheduleCDW GOVERNMENT12/22/201712/21/2027One (1) Year  
View Touchpass eCommerce PortalSHOPIFY1/1/202112/31/2023Auto-Renew107.592021-225
View Office SuppliesOFFICE DEPOT INC5/1/20206/30/2026Six (6) Years  
View Internet ServicesCOMCAST10/1/20219/30/2024Auto-Renew 2017-300
View Contract Management SoftwareCOBBLESTONE SOFTWARE1/1/202012/31/2025Five (5) Years194,675.692020-034PB
View eBus Charging Station MSACHARGEPOINT, INC.2/1/20212/1/2024Auto-Renew 2021-223
View Data LoggingMezmo, Inc.2/28/20212/27/2022One (1) Year2,016.002021-218
View IT Equipment, Peripherals & Computer HardwareCDW GOVERNMENT3/1/20182/28/2022Four (4) Years  
View Software VAR - DES/NASPO NVPCDW GOVERNMENT11/1/20169/30/2022Five (5) Years  
View DES HP Enterprise NVP Computer EquipmentCDW GOVERNMENT8/1/20157/31/2023   
View Aftermarket Auto Parts (JIT)BRIDGEVIEW AUTO PARTS8/10/20181/17/2022Three (3) Years  
View Equipment RentalBIRCH EQUIPMENT1/1/201712/31/2024Seven (7) Years  
View Transit Advertising ContractLamar Transit, LLC1/31/20211/31/2024Five (5) Years470,055.282020-294RFP
View Lynden HOP Marketing & Outreach TEAM SOAPBOX LLC11/18/202011/18/2021One (1) Year44,800.002020-305SP
View General Legal CounselWOLF LEE HURST & SLATTERY, PLLP9/1/20198/30/2025Six (6) Years300,000.002019-202RFP
View Interlocal - Police & Security ServicesBELLINGHAM POLICE DEPT1/1/201912/31/2021  2018-304IL
View Aftermarket Auto Parts (JIT)BELLINGHAM AUTO PARTS8/10/20187/21/2021Three (3) Years 2018-308PB
View Employee Health Insurance BenefitAWC EMPLOYEE BENEFIT TRUST10/17/2013   2013-0017IL
View EEO Consultant & SoftwareLEARNING TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC.5/1/202012/31/2025Three (3) Years35,000.002020-258SP
View Bulk Fuel & Card LockASSOCIATED PETROLEUM PRODUCTS3/17/20163/31/2021Five (5) Years 2016-089ITB
View Insurance Brokerage ConsultingAON CONSULTING, INC.10/1/20199/30/2024Five (5) Years 2019-199RFP
View Janitorial ServicesADVANTAGE BUILDING SERVICES11/28/201811/28/2024Two (2) Years358,000.002018-264RFP
View Investment ServicesWhatcom County1/1/201812/30/2020  2018-307IL
View Purchasing Card (PCard) ServicesUS Bank1/1/20213/31/2022Four (4) Years 2021-001
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementCity of Lynnwood9/17/2020   2020-302IL
View AdvertisingWhatcom Talk7/28/20207/30/2021One (1) Year4,080.002020-289
View SIP Trunk ServiceIntermedia1/1/202012/31/2023One (1) Year 2020-285
View IT Colocation and ISPLUNAVI, INC.11/1/201910/31/2022Two (2) Years43,696.422019-286SP
View Web ServicesAMAZON WEB SERVICES, INC.5/2/20205/1/2025Auto-Renew 2020-284
View Phone System Support (Mitel)FIRSTLINE COMMUNICATIONS INC6/1/20145/30/2021One (1) Year 2016-145PB
View Wireless Data, Voice, and AccessoriesVERIZON WIRELESS, BELLEVUE7/1/20206/30/2024Four (4) Years 2019-264PB
View Telephone PRI, Long Distance & 1-800#CENTURYLINK3/20/20201/15/2023Three (3) Years 2020-282
View Wireless Data, Voice, and AccessoriesAT&T MOBILITY II LLC7/1/20206/30/2024Four (4) Years 2019-262PB
View SMS Messaging-Smart BusTextmarks4/1/2020 Auto-Renew2,388.002020-281
View Deferred Compensation WA State Department of Retirement Systems1/1/2002 Auto-Renew 2002-003
View Point of Sale Software (SaaS)Vend by Lightspeed8/23/201712/31/2023Auto-Renew8,784.002017-305
View Credit Card ProcessingVantiv / MercuryPay9/26/20179/25/2023Auto-Renew 2017-304
View Purchasing Card (PCard) ServicesUS Bank12/13/201312/21/2020Seven (7) Years 2014-019
View Primary Business BankingPeoples Bank8/25/2009 Auto-Renew 2009-400RFP
View Lease - Postage MachineNeoPost USA10/26/201710/1/2022Five (5) Years9,547.202017-287PB
View Microsoft Enterprise AgreementMicrosoft Corporation7/1/20196/30/2025Three (3) Years390,000.002019-238PB
View Data LoggingMezmo, Inc.2/28/20202/27/2021One (1) Year 2020-225MP
View LYNDA.COM Training LicensesLinkedIn for Lynda.com8/1/20197/30/2020One (1) Year 2017-260
View Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)Google, Inc4/15/2019 Auto-Renew 2019-282
View Rental CarEnterprise Rental Car12/15/20199/15/2025Six (6) Years 2019-322PB
View Cloud Hosting - ApplicationsCitrix1/13/20211/13/2022One (1) Year 2020-214SP
View Auction ServicesBellingham Public Auto Auction8/29/201812/31/2020Four (4) Years 2019-200PB
View Collection ServicesCascade Creditors10/20/2009 Auto-Renew 2009-002
View Telephone On Hold MusicEasy on Hold4/6/20205/22/2020One (1) Year310.002020-277LIC
View Credit Card GatewayCardConnect3/1/20193/1/2024Five (5) Years 2019-205SP
View IP Address RegistryARIN4/24/2020 Auto-Renew 2020-256LIC
View Apple Developer Program License AgreementApple Developer Program4/15/2019 Auto-Renew 2019-283LIC
View Midway Right of Way Maintenance BondCity of Bellingham12/9/20191/28/2021  2019-209IL
View Interlocal Agreement - Lincoln Lakeway Multimodal Transportation StudyCity of Bellingham 12/31/2021  2020-276IL
View Interlocal - Fiber Optic UseCity of Bellingham3/8/20123/8/2022 25,000.002012-010IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementGSA Federal Acquisition Service10/25/2018   2018-306IL
View Interlocal - Sheriff Work CrewWhatcom County4/30/201512/31/2020  2015-023
View Interlocal - Pictometry FlightsWhatcom County12/16/201912/1/2022 2,223.482019-314IL
View Mobile Needle Exchange Whatcom County11/19/201912/31/2023Four (4) Years 2019-298IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementWhatcom County12/5/2018   2018-292IL
View MOU - Space Use for ParatransitWHATCOM COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS7/28/2017   2017-262MOU
View Interlocal - Transportation Improvement ProgramWHATCOM COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS11/7/2008   2008-002IL
View Interlocal - Smart TripsWHATCOM COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS3/28/20173/31/2023  2017-195IL
View Metropolitan Transportation PlanningWHATCOM COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS 6/1/2025  2020-272IL
View Interlocal - Mutual AidWashington State Transit Insurance Pool5/22/2015   2015-012IL
View Envision Driver MonitoringWashington State Transit Insurance Pool7/28/2011   2011-006IL
View Interlocal - Insurance Pool MembershipWashington State Transit Insurance Pool11/25/2014   2014-0020IL
View Hold Harmless - Property UseUS Customs & Border Patrol11/6/2002   2002-002IL
View Unified Certification Program ParticipationWA State Department of OMWBE9/19/2011   2011-013MOU
View Interlocal - Mutual AidWA State Department of Transportation8/1/2001   2001-003IL
View Sales Tax CollectionWA State Department of Revenue7/1/1997   1997-002IL
View Interlocal - CDL Third Party TesterWA State Department of Licensing7/1/20186/30/2024  2018-245IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementOR State Department of Procurement Services12/29/2011   2011-013IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementWA State Department of Enterprise Services12/27/2009   2009-001IL
View Cooperative Purchasing AgreementOMNIA Partners12/19/2018   2018-306IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementState of Virgina1/16/2020   2020-206IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementSourcewell10/25/2017   2017-303IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementSpokane Transit2/24/1995   1995-002IL
View Interlocal - Purchasing AgreementSnohomish County3/29/2019   2019-234IL

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